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Alumni Student Ambassador Board Alumni Survey
The Alumni Student Ambassador Board at Baylor College of Medicine is interested in creating constructive interactions between alumni and current students. Distinguished alumni like you have contributed to the growth of Baylor over the years, and your time and support are invaluable to our students. Keeping the diverse interests of our alumni in mind, ASAB has planned many interesting activities and events over the next year. We would like to know which of these programs are of interest to you and if you are willing to participate in one or more of our upcoming events.

Please help us be of service to you in the future. Your answers and personal information will be safeguarded by Baylor's high standards for privacy. For additional questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@bcm.edu or 1-844-BCM-ALUM (266-2586).
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1 * First and Last Name
2 * Baylor School
3 * Class Year (Graduation, Residency, Fellowship, Matriculation or Postdoctoral Begin Year)
4 Email Address
5 Contact Number
6 Preferred Form of Contact
7 What is your field of specialty?
8 Current Location (City, State)
Alumni Shadow Program: In this program, students will experience a 'day in the life' of your career. This provides a unique opportunity to make an informed decision about a prospective career path.
9 Would you like to participate in our Shadowing Program?
Alumni Mixer: In spring of 2018, we will hold our marquee event, the Alumni Mixer, where many current student leaders mingle with alumni over appetizers and cocktails. Last year's event was a huge success and we are certain you will want to join us.
10 Are you interested in participating in the Alumni Mixer '18?
11 Networking Opportunities: Are you interested in participating in informal Baylor alumni-student events in Houston such as going to local sporting events, recreational activities, and other outings?
12 Volunteering: Are you interested in volunteering in the local community alongside current Baylor students?
If yes, are there any organizations in the Houston area that you recommend or have a personal connection to?
Alumni Career Panel: We will host a series of career panels for GSBS and School of Allied Health with Baylor alumni across diverse career paths. Panels help current students plan their career trajectories and explore new career paths.
13 Are you interested in participating in one of our Career Panels hosted at Baylor?
Email Mentorship Program: This program provides career guidance to current Baylor students who will benefit from your unique experience and skills. Sharing your knowledge will open new avenues for the students and keep you connected to Baylor.
14 Would you like to participate in our Email Mentorship Program?
15 Please share any thoughts, comments, ideas, or travel plans you may have.